Supporting the children of Honduras
and their families since 1973
Medical Brigade

One ministry we supply takes brigades of doctors and nurses into mountain areas where there is no medical aid. The teams go for about three days They also take people who will hold Sunday school, preach the gospel, cut hair and check teeth.

Loading the bus and truck.


The team transferred into four wheel drive trucks to get them up the mountain.

Bringing this help in the name of Jesus is not easy. Some of these villages are very hard to access. The latest brigade took three hours by bus and then they had to transfer to a convoy of four by four trucks in order to get up these high mountains. Even with a four by four vehicle it is not easy. The mud roads are very difficult to travel and the trucks often get stuck and need to be given a tow to pull them out of particularly deep mud. This takes extra time and when the team arrives and have unloaded their supplies they are tired and ready for sleep. I will not say bed as I doubt that beds will be available.

Even the four wheel drive needs a tow out of the mud.

The next day will see people starting to arrive and soon long queues of people are waiting to see the doctors. Many will have walked many miles often carrying a little one to seek this help. If you look around you wonder where they have all come from as there are only a few homes visible. What a ministry, it is an honour to be able to send them medicines.


Doctor Rigoberto treats this family.