Supporting the children of Honduras
and their families since 1973
CHTrust Board (The People)
Jennifer Cox (Founder & Treasurer)
Shortly after her marriage in 1967 Jennifer became a Christian and member of the Elim Church. The charity was born as a result of a friendship in the church with someone who had connections with missionary work in Honduras. As a Christian, she has always had and continues to have a heart for supporting missionary activity aimed at building The Lord's Kingdom. The endemic poverty and desperate need of the very poorest children in Honduras has spurred the motivation to try and help bring relief for at least some of them. She has also extended the role of the Trust to bring education, opportunity and hope for the future to as many children as possible who could not otherwise attend school.
In the wake of her retirement as a primary and special needs teacher, she devotes her full time to directing, managing and developing the work of the Trust. This also includes the day to day hands on work of collecting, sorting and packing donated goods.
She was appointed Trustee and Treasurer to the C H Trust Board at the time of its inauguration and continues to exercise this role.
On the charity's 30th anniversary her work was recognised by both the Honduran Government and Derby City Council, who presented her with the Derby Civic Award for 2003-2004.
Rita Ligget (Chairperson)
Rita became a close friend to Jennifer after the latter joined the local Methodist Church, following relocation into the district. Rita has worked as a volunteer and advisor since 1985. She accompanied Jennifer on several visits to Honduras in this capacity. She has been a committed Christian from her youth. In addition to being a housewife she is also a graduate in Social Studies.
Rita was appointed Trustee and Chairperson to the C H Trust board at the time of its inauguration and continues to remain in this role.
Guy Cooper (Secretary)