Supporting the children of Honduras
and their families since 1973
What is it?

£1600 builds a 24'x12' house, for a family desperately in need using local labour and materials.

Why it is important

In Honduras, rent, even for a single room, is incredibly expensive. The financial strain often requires a decision between paying rent or eating. A home of their own provides much needed security for a family and allows them, for the first time, to start saving money for their children's needs.
CH Trust has earned a good reputation over the years for building houses for the neediest in Honduras. Local government is prepared to give small plots of land, often up on the side of a mountain, to the mother of a family. CH Trust will not build there until the title to the land has been secured. The land title and house is registered in the mother's name, so that she has security for herself and her family.

How to donate

For more on how to donate, please visit our donations page: Donations