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About Honduras
Honduras the Country

Honduras is a very poor country in Central America. It shares a boarder with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
It is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with large foreign debts and 60% of the population living in poverty. Honduras has a population of over 8 million people, with 34.8% of the that between the ages of 0-14. The median age of this population 22.
The climate is subtropical in the coastal plains and temperate in the mostly mountainous interior.

More information can be found here: Honduras (Wikipedia)
Land and Employment

Honduras has only small scale manufacturing and most people depend on subsistence farming and cash crops. The majority of land is owned by a wealthy minority. Many have no land and unemployment is high at around 60%.
There is no state aid for those can find no work or for their dependants, so most people who are unemployed try and find bits of work day by day. A large part of Honduras's economy is classed as "informal".

Woven and knit apparel
Wood products

% of GDP
59% Service Sector
27% Manufacturing and Industry
13% Agriculture
Hurricane Mitch

Honduras was hit by hurricane Mitch on 25th October 1998 which stayed over the country for six days causing severe flooding it was estimated that 85% of the country was under water from the 75 inches of rain. This resulted in as many as 7000 deaths and over 2 million people being left homeless and the majority of the main bridges being swept away.
Aid flooded in, but many were too remote to access it. With upto 70% of the current crops destroyed, economic troubles followed. Five years later many small industries have not been restarted and the economy of the country and its people still suffer its after effects.